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St. Catherine of Siena School began its history with the Franciscan Order 
of Sisters in 1956 with two classrooms.  Classrooms and programs were 
slowly expanded until they reached their current level.  In 1984, a 
Kindergarten program started and an extended daycare program was 
introduced.  The school volunteered use of the classrooms and hosted 
doughnuts and coffee to the parish after they suffered the devastating 
loss of the church from a fire on January 5, 1985.  The years following 
were spent rebuilding the church and a wounded community.  When  the 
new church was constructed, the school placed a time capsule under the 
bell tower during the dedication of the church to the people in February, 
1992.  By this time the school had grown to nine classrooms (one for each 
grade).  Plans for a Preschool program became a reality in January 1999.  
Three modulars, which house the Mena Library, Computer Lab and 
extended daycare were added in the summer of 2005.  Furthermore, in the 
summer of 2007 the school underwent a major renovation.  The Shea 
Foundation remodeled the entire school, including playgrounds and the 

The school has persevered despite changes in principal, widespread 
teacher turnover, and many families leaving. The current administration 
and staff are working hard to maintain a stable, Catholic environment with 
high academic standards.  Since its inception the school has provided the 
San Bernardino Vicariate with 60 years of Catholic Education.  Enrollment 
in the school has steadily increased every school year since 2008.


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